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Elections form the foundation of modern democracy, allowing citizens the opportunity to choose their representatives and voice their preferences on how they are governed. They are a fundamental human right, symbolizing the people's collective power to hold leaders accountable and influence critical decisions. The integrity of elections—ensuring they are free, fair, and accessible—is crucial in reflecting the true will of the people, upholding justice, and maintaining trust in governmental institutions. As an essential mechanism in the democratic structure, elections empower individuals to exercise their rights and play a role in shaping their society's future.


February Presidential


Election Changes For 2024

Early Voting

All registered voters in Bowne Township have the right to mark a ballot and deposit the ballot into the tabulator beginning Saturday February 17th and ending Sunday February 25th.

Early Voting Hours

Saturday, February 17th                  8am – 4pm

Sunday, February 18th                     8am – 4pm

Monday, February 19th                    8am – 4pm

Tuesday, February 20th                    8am – 4pm

Wednesday, February 21st             8am – 4pm

Thursday, February 22nd                 8am – 4pm

Friday, February 23rd                       8am – 4pm

Saturday, February 24th                   8am – 4pm

Sunday, February 25th                     8am – 4pm


Polling Location

Bowne Township

8240 Alden Nash Ave SE

Alto, MI 49302

If you have any questions, please contact the Clerk’s Office

Karen Hendrick, Bowne Township Clerk

Phone: 616-868-6846


Sample Ballot For Precedential Primary 

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